Mission Statement


The BEST Group seeks for a smart, efficient, and environment friendly power system.

Topics that we are interested in

» Computational science with application to power system operation and control
» An efficient, reliable, adaptable, and economic electric power infrastructure
» A new generation technologies
» Tools for decision-makers on critical energy policy issues
» Development of university programs in electric power engineering

Funded Research


Efficient AC Optimal Power Flow and Global Optimizer 

Supported by The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS)


Visual Computation for the Operation of Distribution Grids

Supported by Northeast Big Data Hub

Software Packages

The following software packages (MATLAB codes) are available for download from the BEST group.
Please contact the developers (persons' names appear inside the parenthesis) doe download.
» GUI for Visual Computation for Network Reconfiguration with MATPOWER and GridLab-D (Rao and Mehrdad)
» Low rank updates in LU factorization and eigenvalue decomposition (Zack)
» Rank-2 Update for eigenvalue decomposition (Zack)
» Semi-definite programming for AC OPF (Gokturk)


08/14/15    Dr. Poyrazoglu defends his PhD dissertation
12/17/14    Mr. Khundmir Tashrifullahi Syed will join ABB
10/25/14    Mr. Karthik Reddy Mekala joins MISO, Midcontinent Independent System Operator
07/29/14    Mr. Harkirat Singh Choong joins NAPCUSA
05/30/14    Ms. Akanksha Pachpinde completes her MS. thesis
04/25/14    Ms. Akanksha Pachpinde defends her MS. thesis
                    and she joins Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
02/03/14    Mr. Sai Tarun Reddy Koppolu joins Energy Exemplar 


08/24/15    We are looking for one or two graduate students with power system background with financial supports
10/30/14    MS thesis: we are seeking for MS students for interactive visualization. Detailed information is listed under